About Us


Your business should be showcased through design and high-quality custom print. Such marketing material is often inaccessible to small businesses. Vector Shoppe would like to change that!

Giving Back to the Earth

We strongly believe that as a business we have a responsibility to be a change agent for greener practices.

Our Mission

What you stand for and how you show up matters! That’s why our mission is to provide affordable printing so you can showcase your business and make a lasting green impact.

 Print More, Plant More

Vector Shoppe Printing is partnered with a tree planting foundation and pledges to plant trees with every order it receives. This is Vector Shoppe’s commitment to take an environmentally progressive approach to the print industry! We call this our “Print More, Plant More” initiative.

Our Goal

We will continue to be sustainable leaders in our industry and have a goal to reach 100,000 trees planted by 2025.

Trees Planted To Date